The WiFi kettle - Appkettle WiFi Smart Kettle

Features & Design

AppKettle has been in development for some time and feels like its made to last. The kettle itself has double glass windows that allow you see the water level precisely. The rest of the kettle is a stainless steel. The glass windows are a particularly nice feature as most kettles have a plastic window that can have an affect on the water within.

The base the kettle sits in, as well as the smartphone app, can be set to display the water temperature in either ºC or ºF. The app can show volume in either ml or fl oz. There is a WiFi receiver built into the base allowing you to control kettle from your phone.

The kettle can be controlled directly from the base allowing for a few customisation options using the physical buttons. Were the kettle really shines is within the app with features such as Favourites, Schedules, Brew Timer, Social Sharing and the Baby Bottle feature.


·       Energy saving features built in to reduce your running costs.

·       Safety features that monitor the kettle for issues such as low water levels.

·       A Keep Warm feature that will keep the water at your desired temperature for a set period of time.


  • Automatic Scheduling

With volume sensing, Appkettle starts water heating before the time scheduled, ready for when you arrive. No waiting, or annoying wake-up messages, you set it for any day, anytime and it simply works, ready for you.   

  • Favourites Mode

Appkettle will revolutionise tea discovery and taste, by making it very simple to learn and master a brew. You can save drink type, temperature ( 60ºC - 100ºC) and brew timing for your favourite beverages and then just “swipe it on” whenever you fancy it. Appkettle will achieve your selected temperature and will notify you when your drink is brewed. Simple but very effective.              

  • Baby Bottle Mode

This feature allows parents – using the app to check the water level, set bottle size and the number of bottles; it will then automatically boil and cool ready for a time to suit you. It’s that simple.

  • Brew Timer

This automatically starts a timer once the water reaches the target temperature, allowing you to make the perfect cup of tea (you can also adjust the time between the heating cycle ending and the brew timer starting


The Appkettle is a brilliant kettle with some fantastic options for creating the perfect cup of tea. The option to save your favorite temperature is really what makes this smart kettle special. Its a bit on the expensive side, but is built to last with fantastic support from the makers of AppKettle. There is also the promise of Amazon Echo integration from the makers of the Appkettle. The ability to increase the temperature of the water by 1ºC at a time makes this kettle perfect for any tea connoisseur.


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