WeMo® Switch - Review

So, what is the Belkin WeMo Switch?

The Belkin WeMo Switch is a Wi-Fi-enabled smart plug that lets you control your existing home devices from your phone; you can set custom rules and timers. The WeMo Switch lets you give smart home functionally to existing electrical devices. 
The switch is part of the WeMo smart home ecosystem and can connect to many other smart home devices such as Amazon Alexa. WeMo products are configured and controlled by the WeMo App:

(Android) Google Play Store
(iOS) App Store

WeMo Switch Design and Setup

The switch is made of white plastic with a UK three pin socket on the front and a UK three pin plug on the back. On the front, there is also a small button to manually control the plug without software.

Setting up the switch is simple. It's all done via the WeMo App (iOS and Andriod)

 Belkin WeMo Switch and IFTTT

If you have never used or heard of IFTTT, then take a look at our IFTT Guide. IFTTT can connect multiple services together to allow you to make your smart home even better. 

Connecting your WeMo Switch to IFTTT opens up all sorts of opportunities for customization.  You can have your switch be triggered by multiple things such as Geo-location from your phone.

The WeMo switch also connects to Amazon Alexa allowing to use your voice to control the switch leading to such possibilities as "Alexa, turn on the hair dryer". 

Should I buy the Belkin WeMo Insight Switch?

Yes, if you're looking to expand on your home automation setup or you're just starting out the WeMo Switch is a great purchase and allows you to turn "Dumb" devices smart. It's simple to set up and has the advantage of being easy to integrate.   There are other smart plugs that could be used in your home automation system, but WeMo is one of the most simple to configure and control.