tado - Smart Radiator Thermostat

tado° smart radiator thermostats allow you to control your heating from everywhere and anytime via the smartphone app, tablet and PC. They are incredibly easy to install and to use!

Put simply, they are replacement radiator thermostat controls that allow you to control the temperate of the room by adjusting the temperature using a smart phone or via internet connected services such as IFTTT or Amazon Echo. By replacing your current radiator thermostats you could save even more on your heating costs by setting "smart" schedules, to reduce the energy you use.

To get started using tado° smart radiator thermostats you do need to purchase the starter kit which includes a hardware bridge to your internet connection. This will also allow you to enable the other smart features such as:

  • Geolocation control - Automatically turn down your heating when the last person leaves home and begin to warm up again when it detects the first person returning.
  • IFTTT integration - Create applets that integrate with your heating
  • Amazon Echo integration - Use voice commands to adjust your heating
  • Smart Phone Remote Control - Control your heating from wherever you are with the mobile app on your smartphone or tablet.
  • Weather forecasts - tado° adapts your heating to the weather forecast, making use of natural heat to save energy.
  • Building characteristics -Every house and heating system is different, so tado° learns over time how to heat yours as efficiently as possible.
  • Reports- See your home temperature with our live app reports and view how much energy your heating is consuming.
The starter kit includes the internet bridge that will allow you to control all of your smart radiator thermostats via the cloud

The starter kit includes the internet bridge that will allow you to control all of your smart radiator thermostats via the cloud

tado° offers two versions of the radiator thermostat horizontal and vertical. This allows you to get the best fit for your existing radiators.

The Smart Radiator Thermostats are compatible with all standard radiators. Simply replace the old conventional radiator thermostat - no tools needed. They come with various adaptors to ensure they will be compatible with most radiators. They are very simple to install and can be fitted in a few minutes, but if you need help tado° offer an installation service.


Smartphone app

Through the use of the tado° smartphone app, tado° knows how far away you are from home. The tado° app controls the heating based on your locations. It also shows you your home temperature and lets you change the settings from wherever you are.

Example Schedules

tado - Tom and Laura Example
tado - The Taylors example

Although you can get very clever with schedules you can always override them or manually control the thermostat via the smartphone app or via the manual control knob on each radiator thermostat. You can also use the integration with Amazon Echo and IFTTT to create your own ideal setup.


tado° Smart Radiator Thermostats are rather expensive but they make up for it in the energy savings that they provide. In most cases they pay for themselves within 1 year. They allow you to set different temperature for different rooms and to schedule these rooms individually to truly optimize your energy saving. The manual override is a nice feature as it allows to quickly turn the thermostat up or down as needed in those times when you have lost your smartphone and are getting hot and bothered looking for it or when your internet is down. They come with a two year warranty that can give you piece of mind that they are made to last.