Hive Active Heating 2 review

What is Hive active Heating?

Hive is a smart home system that’s made of multiple parts and products that are all interconnected. Hive Active heating is just one product in the Hive family.

Hive active heating replaces your existing home heating and hot water controls the are probably next to your existing boiler and water heating system. The Hive Active heating product is made up of a wall surface controller, thermostat, and the core item the Hive Hub. The Hive Hub connects all of your Hive products to your internet connection allowing you to control your home remotely.

To manage your house remotely using Hive you’ll need to utilize either the Hive website control panel or the application on your smart device. The app is available on both Android and iOS

There is also an excellent web management application that can be used on any device with internet access and a web browser.

The idea of Hive is to move away from hand-operated switches, slider and knobs that typically aren’t intuitive because they’re managed via a  little screen with a few buttons. Once Hive is installed you can control your heating at any time, from any where, in a ways that’s simple and easy to master.

The energy efficiency of your home heating / warm water system will remain the same, however you will be able to reduce your energy costs by controlling you heating in an effective manner using timers, geolocation, sensors and the other smart features Hive offers. 

Hive Product Family - (Motion Sensor, Active Plug, Thermostat and Window/Door Sensor)

Hive Product Family - (Motion Sensor, Active Plug, Thermostat and Window/Door Sensor)

Hive 2 : Installation

One of the many positive aspects of Hive is the “by British Gas” part. It makes having Hive in your home a simple solution as it can all be installed by British Gas, so you’re not faced with buying multiple parts and wondering who will install it.

The Hive Energetic Home heating Set costs £249, including the cost of installation. You can also buy the kit on its own and either install it yourself or use a third party installer, the Kit on its own costs £179, with a choice of heating and a hot water controller, or just heating control if you have a combination boiler.

You don't have to be a British Gas customer for your gas, however, as you’re buying the components and installation via British Gas, it may be worth your time to keep an eye out as British Gas consumers can get special deals on Hive products.

Setup is both quick and easy, but it can depend on your existing system. If you have the system installed by British Gas it will all be setup for you, a very simple process.

If you ever need to update the system to another hive product this is again a very simple process, replace one box with another and follow the supplied instructions.

Hive Features

  • Multi-zone Heating
  • IFTTT integration
  • Amazon Alexa voice control
  • Remote heating control
  • Heating and Hot water boost


The Hive active heating system is a fantastic smart home product that allows you have full control over your home and can allow you to save money on your energy bills. It's easy to understand and setup with an easy upgrade path. The interfaces of both the app and thermostat are intuitive and quick to use. With Hive heating 2 the addition of multi-zone support is also good, and the ability to boost heating and hot water is a great feature.