Furbo - Keep an eye on your dog when you're away

With most people being away from home during the day your furry friend my feel left out. You can now easily keep an eye on and even interact with dog when you're at the office.

What's Furbo?

Furbo Dog Camera is designed to help you look after your dog when you are away- whenever and wherever you are! From Furbo's app, you can see, talk, and even give your dog treats. Capture all your dog’s precious moments!

Furbo have worked closely with both vets and professional dog trainers to make sure that your dog will love Furbo.

furbo bark.jpg

Does your dog have Separation Anxiety?

You can finally play with your dog when you are not home! Unlike other devices that just drop the treats to the floor, Furbo tosses your dog's favorite treats in the air. Super fun for your dog to chase after!

"Spy" on your dog with Furbo's barking alert

Ever wonder what your dog does when you leave? Being away from home doesn’t mean you can’t be there when something's wrong. If your dog is barking, Furbo will send an alert to your phone. You can check if something's up, or if your dog simply wants some more attention and treats.

And don't worry, if your dog barks often, you can lower Furbo’s detection sensitivity.

Help train your dog with the snack call

Furbo makes a "clicking" sound before tossing treats. This helps your dog know he or she did a good job!

You can also record your voice as a snack call, which will play when you toss treats.

Furbo's design withstands Even the naughtiest dogs

You can set up your Furbo on any flat surface, and whether you have a big dog or a fierce puppy, they won't be able to get their paws on all the treats

Power your Furbo

With Furbo there is no need for batteries, Furbo uses a USB cable and standard power adapter to plug into the wall. This way you can always stay connected with your furry loved ones.


Attract your dog’s attention with the light indicator

Did you know that dogs can only see in blue and yellow?

When you toss treats for your dog, Furbo will change colors from yellow to blue. Your dog will know you are there, and when to ask for more treats.