Ring Video Doorbell Review – A Smarter Way to answer the Door

It is not surprising that technology is rapidly taking over the simplest of tasks in our daily life. Most of the homes that we live in are now in some way automated to respond to smart technology. Home appliances are often connected to smartphones or the WiFi, this allows us to operate them remotely. As a result, appliances have become easier and smarter to use. In this article, we discuss the Ring video doorbell review. With internet technology integrating with so many appliances, it comes as no shock that a simple doorbell is now much smarter. This video doorbell from Ring will prove to be very beneficial for people who are home security conscious.

Ring Video Doorbell Review – Functionality

The Ring video doorbell works as a traditional doorbell but comes with an internet connection and a motion sensor. Therefore, it effectively works as an outdoor security camera. The bell has a built-in camera, microphone and speaker. This allows you to communicate with your visitor at the door through an application on your smartphone.
This way you can ensure that opening the door is safe and prevents walking all the way to your door in case the guest is unwelcome. The application does not only work when you are home. It will work anywhere you can get an internet connection. Therefore, whenever someone rings at the door, you will get an alert regardless of being at home or not.The motion sensor also works in a similar manner. You will get alerted about any movement around your door. However, it works within a defined range.

Ring Video Doorbell Review – Appearance

The doorbell is not necessarily compact but has a simple compact design. It does not give away the feeling of being complicated to use. On the outside, you can easily see the camera and the ring button, the button is surrounded by a LED ring. This ring will illuminate and animate whenever someone holds down the button to ring the bell, the device is charging or the internet connection is lost.

Additional Features

The device supports a 5,20MaH battery that can last between 6 to 12 months with regular use. The battery is non-removable so you are provided with a micro USB cable for charging it. Since it is an outdoor device, we questioned if it could survive severe weather changes. We were very pleased when we read that Ring have said their video doorbell can operate in temperatures between -20.56 ºC to 48.89 ºC. The LED on the outside makes the ring button visible at night time and the infrared LEDs provide night vision so you can see in the dark. With a 180 degree field of view, the device captures a 720p video. It is fairly easy to install the doorbell and the box is accompanied by an easy to read manual. The pentalobe screw design makes it hard to get stolen as well a great security feature. Ring have also said they will replace the device if it is stolen and you present them with a police report.

Ring also offer a cloud video recording plan that saves the videos captured by the Ring Doorbell. But the product can operate without a subscription, providing real-time notifications and live streaming video of events but with no option to record. The cloud recording plans are completely optional and ring offers them for£2.50/month or £24.99/annually for 6 months of video recordings.


The Ring video doorbell is a smart device that eliminates the nuisances related to door answering. It is an intelligent combination of security and prevention of unwanted visitors. Having used is for a few months it has made a fantastic improvement within the home allowing you to answer the door anywhere and to give the impression you are always home, a great deterrent for thieves. It makes a great addition to the home and offers piece of mind when away.