Sugru - Now you can fix anything!..... Almost

OK, This isn't home automation, but.... 

This little goo has fixed many a problem when installing home automation equipment. Sugru is a strange putty stlye glue that sticks to almost anything and then turns into a strong flexible rubber when set.

Sugru sticks to pretty much anything.... aluminum, steel, ceramics, glass, wood, plastics, and rubbers.

So far we've used Sugru to reinforce cables that take a lot of wear and tear to give them a longer life.  It's an amazing little tool to have on hand. It's can be used to fix other bits around the home such dishwasher trays, kitchenware, and other broken items. Sugru can also be used to improve items such as electrical plugs to create adtional grip.

Sugru’s name derives from the Irish word for ‘play’ and is available in 10 different colours that can be combined to make any colour you like. 

Buy Sugru

A Home Hack Kit (£9.99) and 8 pack (£12.99) are available online at

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